I have no problem getting an erection, but had problems maintaining one. I have used Cialis for about 6 months, starting with 50 mg, but reducing this to 25 mg. My experience are as follows (for all those interested to know):1. 50 mg gives me a sponstaneous erection (even without stimulation) after about 45 - 60 minutes. 25 mg does not give such a reaction. 25 mg is enough to give me a very hard erection, with no problems maintaining it during sex. Previously, I can only maintain my erection for about 10 minutes or so, and my penis would start to soften even with stimulation.2. I am 45 years old, and weight about 175 lbs. I am healthy otherwise. Cialis has changed my sex life completely. It has made me feel young once again, and having a rock hard erection is no more a problem. I have 2 women in my life and both are very pleased with what is happening. I did not tell them I was taking Cialis.3. I strongly suggest those who has problems maintaining an erection to start of with 25 mg Cialis. It is enough. For some strange reason, Cialis seems to have somewhat 'cured' my problem. Occasionally, even without Cialis, I was able to have a rock hard erection and maintain it for a long time during sex, to ejaculation. Nowadays, I do not have to take Cialis often. I guarantee that I do not have a psychological problem, and my problem is strictly due to age factors.4. The only problem I have is that my blood pressure seems to have increased from 135/88 to about 145/95 since taking Cialis. There has been some comments about this in this newsgroups, and I would like to confirm that it is true. It is however, a small drawback to the big advantages Cialis gives to boost one's sex life.Suffice to say, Cialis is a life-saver. I am enjoying sex again, and I can even fuck twice a day if I want to! - Raymond

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